Ares Systems Enables Digital Capital Markets

Ares Systems is an advanced institutional compliance platform for issuing, managing digital securities with built-in shareholder governance, communications suite, full accounting, dividend payout system, kyc/aml verification and is fully self-sustained on the distributed ledger for companies, broker-dealers,  funds, asset managers and anyone who is issuing digital securities.

Advanced Digital Securities Issuance Platform

Ares Systems is a secure and cutting-edge full-stack securities issuance platform software as a service for the life-cycle management of digital securities offerings, including digital securities creation, configuration, capital raise, digital securities distribution and post-distribution activities such as redemption, dividend payouts, asset governance, auditing, reporting, investor administration, communications and additional add-on services. 


Regulatory Compliance Management Module is designed to support regulatory compliance teams to comply with immediate regulatory challenges easily and efficiently, whilst future-proofing against continually evolving or newly introduced regulations.The module is built on an open API enabling 3rd party integration.

Revenue / Expense Ledger

Regulatory agencies or Investors may require audited financials and operational process in the company. These reports would need to be maintained, submitted, and disclosed on a regular basis for your investors subscribing to your digital securities on all your expenditure, revenue tracking… we made it seamless.

Shareholder Rights / Governance

As part of running an effective digital securities offering and a company, you would have the option to give timely notifications to the investors about your company plans and allow Investors holding your securities voting rights on certain decisions you and your board make in the company.

Communication Suite

An exclusive communications suite module for you to announce and broadcast anything to your subscribers and investors through email and sms messages. Will reach them directly via. their Dashboard and Module is built on open API enabling 3rd party integration.

Full KYC/AML Verification

No need for third-party API integration, Ares Systems provide Full KYC/AML Verification for the most competitive prices in the market.

Full Legal Services

Ares Systems utilize global law firms to prepare all legal documentation and which are compliant with all jurisdictions.

Accounting / Audits

Ares Systems has a full financial suite which provides transparency to all investors. Ares Systems also works with external top accounting and auditors firms and provides third-party services for vehicle tax structuring and jurisdictional recommendations.

ISIN & CUSIP Services

Ares Systems assists you to obtain an ISIN & CUSIP Numbers and have your securities publish on Bloomberg & Fidelity Platforms. Assist you a Broker-dealer and Custodian for clearing securities.

Dividend Module

We developed a sophisticated Dividend Module that comes with:

Dividend Type definer, Dividend Calculator and Payment scheduler that automatically deposits dividends in investor accounts.

OnDemand and Fully Customizable, Software as a Service Solution

Secure and powerful panels for administrators and investors to manage and engage with the entire digital securities issuance platform experience. From settings, investor management to digital securities deposits, verifications, etc., we have every module required to enable your digital securities offerings seamlessly and compliant.

Create a branded investing experience that is simple, transparent and pain-free – from various payment methods and legal documents to compliance and closing.

Ares Systems does not offer or sell digital securities or security tokens and has not been licensed to do so by any financial services, monetary authority, or commission. Nothing herein constitutes an offer, distribution, solicitation, or marketing to of any security token. Ares Systems does not offer services or act as an exchange, transfer agent or escrow agent. Ares Systems does not (i) provide tax, legal, or regulatory advice; (ii) market, sell, or affect the sale of any security token or digital security; (iii) hold any cash, virtual currency, security token, digital security or other assets for or on behalf of any third party.

Ares Systems

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